Hey, I’m Sharon…

So what’s my mission?

Basically, I’ve had this very personal and very comprehensive education in just how fucking bad addiction, sexual assault, family violence and manipulation and abuse can be. How they ruin a person’s life as well as all the other people in their lives too!

After years in Recovery from alcoholism and years working with and speaking to women about in crisis I got a firsthand look-see into just how fucking twisted the web of deceit and lies and secrets are

And so I decided I want to BLOW the whole thing wide open so we can peek inside and say: let’s start talking about this MFer!

There are actually lots of MFers to talk about but we’ll start with these two: addiction & abuse.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon x

Not Actually Relevant Facts About Me That May Or May Not Want To Read But Here They Are Anyway…

My biggest fear at the moment (Feb 2020) is writing out a Shame Inventory for some work I’m doing on me… (this shit never stops, never.) Every 2nd Tuesday I get together with a bunch of drunks (luckily we’re all sober). This week’s topic was bad news: S H A M E — suddenly there was deathly silence as we collectively all held our breath. It was like in a horror movie when you know the killer is hiding upstairs and the nice girl is going to investigate and you just know what her fate is going to be!

Sometimes I make weird faces when I’m thinking.

When I was in grade 4 I performed a melody of Abba songs on stage in front of the whole of Sacred Heart primary school. 

I’m not married.

My ‘special friend’ is younger than me. #winning

I’m reasonably confident Lindt milk chocolate smooths out wrinkles from the inside. I take it daily.

Sometimes I write like the keyboard is on fire. Other times it’s like I’ve forgotten the alphabet. 

Mushrooms can get stuffed (hehehe). 

I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

My life will not be complete until I get a Maine Coon cat.

The humidity here in summer makes it nigh-on impossible to straighten my hair.

I’m homeless.

Not really homeless-homeless, I’ve actually been house/pet sitting for nearly 3 years. And no, I do NOT wear other women’s clothes.

If you’re talking to me, I’m usually thinking “am I smiling too much? And did I clean my teeth before I came out?

Writing for other people and creating sexy marketing funnels is where I find my creative magic.

I’m a copywriter by day and drunk by night (sober 9+ years #recoveryrulz).

Teaching people how to write funny “copy” is a hoot.

Teaching women about how to stay sober and how to stay away or get away from M*F*ckers is my side passion.

I really like prison. No, I haven’t been incarcerated myself but I have volunteered a lot as a solution focused coach and as an ——————– volunteer. It’s actually a secret so I had to redact … sorry ‘bout that.

Once I went to the US 8 times in 18 months and the customs dude said I could get a frequent visitor pass. I stopped going after that.

Snoring. Nothing further.

My favourite guilty pleasure in the world is Lindt milk chocolate balls.


If you’re struggling today… I’ll help if I can.


And have a fucking fantastic fucking day!

Sharon xo

p.s. I swear a lot (you’ve been warned).

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