We’re mostly here for people who love someone

who suffers from addiction.

We’re also here for those who do.

Anonymous. Confidential.


Imagine for just one moment being hypnotised by something

so alluring and so deep that all you want to do is dive in

and stay beneath the waves. 

You know you’ll drown, but you’re ok with that.

Now imagine doing that every day.

That is addiction. 

It’s a deep, bottomless well of forever…

One day you’re ok and the next—

you’re empty and devoid of everything that once made you, you.

Here’s the thing though…

You are going to be okay! WTF?

No, really. It’s okay even it feels shit right now.

And you know what else?

Feeling better is not dependent on whether

someone gets sober, clean or abstinent.

Some of the learning objectives are to help and assist women:

Identify what bars they want to install or strengthen in their Shark Cage and link this activity to a human rights framework.

Activate an alarm system in their renovated Shark Cage. This involves helping them to tune into feelings and body sensations.

Prepare for and respond to Shark Cage breaches when it is safe to do so. This involves assertiveness training with an emphasis on boundary setting and defending.

Identify behaviours that indicate when a person is disrespecting their rights.

Identify behaviours that show a person is supporting their rights.

A quick note for anyone already in Recovery.

If you’re already in Recovery or you’ve been exposed to Recovery principles—welcome. We hope you’ll learn something that will impact your recovery in a positive way and that you’ll send others here too.

When I was thinking of attending another 12 Step fellowship, my AA sponsor helped me understand that just because I’d had experience in one fellowship didn’t mean I knew what Recovery was about in a different one. I would start as a newcomer. Then she gave me the best advice. She said when I go into the new meeting I should leave my AA self in the car and take in with me the problem or person I was most concerned about that day. It kept things neat for me as I finally understood singleness of purpose.

This is a non-judgemental place. The words used here are general in nature. You’ll see alcoholic, addict or person with a substance use disorder used throughout this site. They’re interchangeable words, if we need to be specific we will be.

That’s what they said…

“This Shark Cage framework is easy to understand and easy to apply. I feel like I can easily use it in everyday life. Thanks so much bring this great workshop to me.”


“One of the best and most practical workshops I have ever attended. Everything was so easy to take onboard. Very practical & useful story based approach to a hard subject.”


“Wow! This training is a God send. It was fantastic. I loved Sharon’s relaxed manner. She is funny and compassionate and calm. I learnt so much. Rewarding experience.”


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