There are hundreds of reasons

to talk about empowerment & healing

for women who have experienced abuse, manipulation, addiction and trauma…

But it’s difficult. Right?

That’s because all of these situations involve

both psychological & physical changes.

So, there is no one thing to fix it.

RECOVERY is possible.

We’ll show you how.

What We Do

Recovery. It’s an experience like no other!

Why we’re here

There’s a lot of injustice, misinformation and plain BS around the topics I cover. The team and I are here to start the conversation and to help a few people along the way.


I’ve studied, I’ve coached lots of women and I’ve worshipped at the foot of the mountain called addiction & recovery for decades. Throughout all that time, I’ve discovered a lot about what makes people in & out of Recovery tick. Not many people are sharing. I wanted to change that.


After a lifetime of living with addiction, both in and out of my own Recovery, I’ve come to understand that can completely unravel when they’re living with addiction – theirs or some else’s. The same is true for people affected by assault or family violence.

Learn something

In here, we’ll be talking about difficult subjects that need to be in the public domain. Starting with the Shark Cage and Beyond Addiction my hope is that there’ll be a broader conversation about what it means to change and find a new way of being.

Conversations and skills that matter

To feel empowered to change your own life is a basic human right.

Shark Cage Gold Coast

The Shark Cage

Sometimes women feel they must be attracting abuse if it happens more than once in their life. This isn’t true. The Shark Cage is a five step process that reframes how we understand re-victimisation in a way that does not blame the victim. This workshop includes education about human rights, the impacts of trauma, skills training and the five steps in the Shark Cage Framework.

Join us to begin to feel empowered to heal and build a strong, positive sense of self and their rights.Ultimately, the shark Cage is about empowerment & healing for women who have experienced sexual assault, family violence and manipulation and abuse.

Beyond Addiction

When someone has dealt with addiction in their family for years, and then a well-meaning professional suggests they take more time and energy to talk and think about themselves… the response usually goes something like this: “Are you crazy? I’ve already given up all the time, money and energy I can handle for this person! That’s why I’m friggin’ here! I just want you to tell me how to fix them”!

For every person who experiences addiction, six or more other people are negatively affected. When one person has a problem, other people suffer. This workshop is about your suffering.

For Disobedient People Everywhere…

To Recover, we often have to go against everything we’ve ever been told to do (by others or by our own head)…

And sometimes, it can feel like we have to disobey every single rule and every single person around us.

The truth is we have to be disobedient to the ‘noise’ of others.

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Imagine feeling free to go wherever and whenever any damn time you like.


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